Commercial Casualty Exposure Checklist (General Liability)


Named Insured
Sole Proprietor (past and present), Partnerships (past and present), Joint Ventures (past & present), Need for discontinued operations / completed operations coverage

Lease of Premises
Hold harmless? Additional insured? Insured contract? Endorsement

Lease of Equipment
Hold harmless? Additional insured? Insured contract? Endorsement

Other contracts or leases with hold harmless or additional insureds?

Other additional insureds (club or church members, vendors, etc.)?

If additional insureds, should limits be increased?

Contractor with multiple projects?
Add _______ Designated Construction Project(s) General Aggregate limit.

Insured with more than one location?
Add _______ Designated Location(s) General Aggregate Limit.

Is there a liquor liability exposure?
Purchase a liquor liability policy. Coverage for a scheduled event _______

Is there a pollution exposure? Pollution liability policy.

Watercraft or aircraft?
Purchase special insurance.

Is product recall insurance needed?
Limited Product Withdrawal Expense

Is personal property of others in our care, custody or control?Use a special company coverage such as voluntary property damage or property insurance such as bailees-customers or Legal Liability.

Does client need completed operations for an additional insured for the length of the project? _______

Is the Damage to Premises Rented to You limit sufficient to cover fire and do we need coverage for other perils? _______ Legal Liability.

Do we need to change the definition of property damage to include coverage of electronic data? _______

Do we need worldwide coverage for Internet activities?

Other special endorsements needed such as: Employee Benefits, Coverage for Leased Workers, etc.

Have we identified all equipment subject to licensing for road use to be covered on the Business Auto policy?

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