Commercial Casualty Exposure Checklist (Workers Compensation)


Effective October 1, 2011, the new law, HB 440 allows insurers to provide Worker’s Compensation (WC) coverage to members of an LLC and partners of a partnership on a voluntary basis. It also formalizes the ability to do so for sole proprietors (while this was already done by the State Workers’ Insurance Fund, the bill codifies that the practice is licit).

Are all states listed in 3A of the information page where the insured has known or expected locations for the coming year?

Is other states insurance triggered by “all states except the monopolistic states and the states listed under 3A”?

Does the insured have any operations in a monopolistic state (North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia, or Wyoming)?

Does the insured have any employees who are not required to be covered under the states Workers compensation statutes i.e. farm or domestic?

Does the insured have any independent contractors working for them?

Are any employees subject to the Longshore and Harbor Works Compensation Act?

Are any employees subject to the Maritime Law?

Has the insured entered into any contract for the use of leased or temporary workers?

Does the insured have any operations that come under Federal Compensation Laws or Liability jurisdiction? Do they need: Defense Base Act Coverage, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Coverage, Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act Coverage, Federal Employers Liability Act Coverage or Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act Coverage?

Does the insured have any overseas operations? Do they wish to purchase Foreign Coverage Endorsement for endemic diseases and repatriation expense?

Contractors: Check their insurance requirements before accepting the contract.

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