Commercial Casualty Exposure Checklist (Business Auto)


Are all owned or long-term leased autos scheduled on the BAP?

Has all equipment that does not meet the definition of “mobile equipment” been listed on the BAP?

What Autos have which coverages under the BAP?
_______ Liability
_______ PIP or FPB
_______ Medical Payments
_______ Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
_______ Comprehensive or Specified Perils
_______ Collision
_______ Towing and Other coverages

Has an additional symbol, other than 1-9 been used to provide coverage? If yes, what does it stand for?

Is hired car physical damage needed?

Does the insured have long term leases autos?

Is the insured a sole proprietor? Does he/she not have a personal auto policy?

Are partners, officers or employees furnished company cars who do not have a personal auto policy?

Does the insured want to provide BAP coverage for employees when they use their personally owned autos for company business?

Does the insured haul property?

Are any of the insured’s vehicles subject to the motor carrier act of 1980?

Does the insured haul pollutants?

Does insured need physical damage coverage for electronic equipment?

Are any endorsements need to change Who Is an Insured?

Any other endorsements needed such as: Fellow Employee Coverage, Leased Workers, Garagekeepers Coverage?

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