Home Owners Insurance

The following questions can help you assess your insurance needs. Your current policy may limit or exclude coverage in some of these instances:

  1. Do you own any of the following: Antiques? Fine arts? Paintings? Guns? Jewelry? Furs? Silverware? Personal computers? Musical instruments? Cameras? Camera equipment? Valuable sporting equipment? Coin or stamp collections? Collectibles such as unique dishes, figurines?
  2. Would you like your personal property to be covered for its replacement value rather than being depreciated for age and use in the event of a loss?
  3. Would you like Special Form coverage for your personal property ("All Risk" instead of Named Perils)?
  4. Do you frequently have over $100 cash in your possession?
  5. Do you frequently have business property at your house or in your possession?
  6. Do you have a burglar or fire alarm? Smoke detectors?
  7. Have you remodeled your home? Do you plan to in the future?
  8. If you own a condominium, have you made any additions or alterations to the premises?
  9. If you rent, have you made any additions or alterations?
  10. Would you be interested in a coverage that would guarantee that your home would be rebuilt even if the cost was greater than the limit of your coverage?
  11. Do you plan to build or buy a new home or mobile home in the coming year?
  12. Do you own a second home, mountain cabin, or farm property?
  13. Do you own any rental or investment property? Do you have coverage for the loss of rental income if this property becomes uninhabitable?
  14. Do you own a boat, motorbike, ATV, snowmobile, golf cart, jet ski or other recreational vehicles?
  15. Do you have an office in your home?
  16. Do you conduct any business or give lessons at your residence?
  17. Do you conduct any shows such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, or Amway?
  18. Do you provide any type of child care?
  19. Do you provide any type of Bed and Breakfast accommodations?
  20. Are you engaged in any form of farming or ranching?
  21. Do you rent any of your land for farming or ranching?
  22. Would you like a quotation on an Umbrella policy that would increase both your auto and homeowners liability by $1,000,000 or more?

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